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BMW Introduces Another Fantastic Feature

BMW vehicles have many features that make them some of the best on the road today.  However, BMW is able to remain one of the best brands because it's never satisfied with past success.
BMW has designed another feature that is sure to help its lineup remain atop the industry’s list of greats.  ConnectedDrive is a smartphone app that allows drivers to use current technology to assist with driving needs.
ConnectedDrive has many useful purposes.  Among the more useful is the ability to utilize one's smartphone to remotely access the vehicle.  Available options include flashing the lights…
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Own the Open Road in a 2017 BMW M2

Do you have an insatiable need for speed? Do you dream about taking razor sharp turns? Then, the new 2017 BMW M2 is destined to be the sports coupe of your dreams!

As our M Series newcomer, the BMW M2 displays world class engineering, exquisite craftsmanship and track-proven performance. Arrange for a test drive to discover that the BMW M2 is truly worthy of being called the "Ultimate Driving Machine."

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2017 BMW X5 is the Ultimate Luxury CUV for San Jose Drivers

Would you love to drive a luxury crossover with the DNA of a sports sedan? Then, step right up and take the 2017 BMW X5 out for a spin today!

We're positively certain that you'll be impressed by all the 2017 X5 has to offer drivers in the San Jose, CA area! After all, the X5 is known as the "Ultimate…

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Certified Pre-Owned BMW Offers Bang for Your Buck

What if we said that you could drive a high-performance luxury car without burning a hole in your wallet? Then, take the wheel of a Certified Pre-Owned BMW to get more car for less money today!

At our BMW dealership serving San Jose, we're proud to carry a wide selection of CPO BMW models for your browsing pleasure. We invite you stop by our Santa Clara, CA showroom to test drive a CPO BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, M-Series, X-Series or any model that lights your fire!

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2016 BMW X1 is the Total Package for San Jose Drivers

In most cases, drivers are forced to decide between a luxurious crossover and high-performance sedan. But, the BMW X1 proves that a luxury crossover can also be fun to drive!

Brand new in 2015, the BMW X1 is defined by its jealousy-inducing style, exceptional performance and luxurious, modern interior cabin. There's no doubt that the X1 is a car worthy of being called the "Ultimate Driving Machine."

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Get More Car for Less Money in a BMW 3 Series

The truth is that you don't have to burn a hole in your wallet to drive a luxury sedan. Instead, you can take the wheel of the new 2016 BMW 3 Series and get more car for less money!

We know that value and luxury tend to be mutually exclusive qualities but you'll get both sides of the coin in the new 3 Series. At its entry level pricing, the 3 Series blends eye-catching style, sporty performance and a first class cabin that's brimming with intuitive tech gear.

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BMW Supports Green Me Film Festival

Quick! Tell us what the three following things have in common: BMW, environmental friendliness and movies. Give up? It could be that you too, hadn’t yet heard of the Green Me Film Festival.

The event, which bring together filmmakers and film aficionados with a focus on green films, green publicity and green economy, is hugely popular. BMW is proud to support the endeavor.


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Premier Pampering in the 2016 BMW 7 Series xDrive

Each new generation of a flagship luxury sedan represents a phoenix-like rebirth. In some ways, each new iteration casts off the old perceptions of what a premium sedan should be, while forging ahead with new ones. The BMW 7 Series that was unveiled last year is just such a sedan, and its got the competition on edge.

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