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Business Class Goes Electric with the New BMW 530e Hybrid

The BMW 5 Series is a natural fit in the executive lifestyle, thanks to its incredible class, high performance, and extreme luxury.

Always an innovator, BMW has taken the sport performance of the 5 to the future with the BMW 530e hybrid luxury performance sedan.


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BMW Supports Green Me Film Festival

Quick! Tell us what the three following things have in common: BMW, environmental friendliness and movies. Give up? It could be that you too, hadn’t yet heard of the Green Me Film Festival.

The event, which bring together filmmakers and film aficionados with a focus on green films, green publicity and green economy, is hugely popular. BMW is proud to support the endeavor.


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Say hello to the future with Katie Couric and the BMW i3 at Stevens Creek BMW

In 1994, the whole idea of the internet baffled broadcast journalists Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel. Jump ahead to 2015, and the dynamic duo finds themselves once again confused by the BMW i3 from the BMW i Series. It's no wonder- even our tea at Stevens Creek BMW thinks the new model too good to be true. But it's real, and it's waiting for you in our new inventory. But before we…

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Hitting The Strip With BMW

With the Consumer Electronics Show coming to an end, we're faced with looking back at the things we can take away from the event. Wearable technology was a big focus, but so was automotive technology. Several car companies were present to show off their latest greatest achievements, but BMW actually gave people a chance to see first-hand how the technology was executed.

With the BMW i3 two couples were able to take a spin…

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