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The 2019 BMW 7 Series: Full-Size Luxury for Santa Clara Drivers

An automotive embodiment of luxury itself, the 7 Series sedans boast innovative engineering, meticulous craftsmanship and a variety of premium materials for an unmistakably eminent driving experience. Boasting the latest in BMW performance technology alongside an ergonomically crafted interior, the 7 Series stands as an ideal option for residents throughout East Bay and San Jose seeking the pinnacle of uncompromising design and vehicular craftsmanship. 

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BMW i3 Born Through Innovation at Stevens Creek BMW

Remember when you were seven, and everything was simpler? As the busiest month of the year takes over our social calendar, we often daydream of simpler times. Fortunately, the BMW brand has put this sort of daydreaming to use, capturing the thoughts of the most innovative mind there is- the mind of a child. The result is something fantastic.

"It's in our nature to wonder," the child profoundly states, ".... a world of maybes are…

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