Drivers everywhere know that a BMW offers the finest German engineering on the market. BMW delivers pure power and performance wrapped up in a comfortable, stylish package. Although BMW has the finest luxury sedans, coupes, convertibles, SAVs, and wagons, there is one item conspicuously absent from their lineup: BMW has no vehicle that seats seven. That is finally about to change with the BMW X7.

The BMW X7 will be the first large BMW SAV. While there are already large luxury SUVs, up until now BMW has stayed out of that market. At Stevens Creek BMW, we know that BMW succeeds at whatever they set their minds to, and we can't wait to see the end result in action. We have good reason to believe that BMW will knock this one out of the park. The X7 will be similar to the already successful BMW X5, and full-size SUVs that dominate the American luxury market.


While the 2018 BMW X7 is a large family vehicle, it is still a BMW. That means we know we can expect the finest infotainment systems, as well as a top quality connectivity and driver assistance. The 2018 BMW X7 will be built on the largest BMW rear-wheel drivetrain, with available four-wheel drive. The trademark BMW quality will still be there; the only difference is that now you can drive your entire family. Like the BMW X5, the 2018 BMW X7 will be manufactured in South Carolina.


The BMW X7 will be the BMW's triumphant first step into a new market, and we know they will succeed. At Stevens Creek BMW, we can't wait until we have one on our lot. Finally, the whole family can experience what it is like to be in an ultimate driving machine.


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