Click. Click. Click. Uh-oh. Sounds like a dead battery. If you’re in need of a battery replacement for your BMW or any other maintenance or repair work, we hope you’ll immediately think of us here at Stevens Creek BMW. Our tidy, on-site service center is staffed by highly-trained BMW auto technicians. You can rest assured that these professionals know the BMW brand inside and out … quite literally!

If your BMW is in need of something simple—like an oil change, tire rotation, brake check—or something more serious like a transmission replacement or other major repair, we can help. Bring your work or a good book along with you and enjoy the quiet of our waiting area.

While you could take your BMW to a local garage on your lunch break, the truth is that they simply won’t know the brand as well as our highly-trained technicians.

Why not trust us with your vehicle’s next needed repair or maintenance? We’ll be happy to assist you.

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