Why the 2018 BMW 3 Series is Perfect for Traversing Silicon Valley

From Mountain View to Milpitas and everywhere in between, having the proper luxury counterpart for Silicon Valley excursions feels obligatory. That's where the 2018 BMW 3 Series comes in; this luxury performance car is suited for the San Francisco Bay Area in every aspect of the drive, from the engine to the enjoyment.


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BMW 5 Series Still the Leader in Class and Performance

What can be said about the BMW 5 Series that hasn't already been said before? This luxury mid-size sedan is the pinnacle of class, performance, and style. The patented BMW Intelligent Voice Control recognizes the natural speech of the driver, while the available Gesture Control enables the driver to communicate with the vehicle using hand motions. All of these features combine to give the driver control over the vehicle AND the road. The iDrive 6.0 boasts the latest in navigation technology. 

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Take in the New BMW 3 Series

BMW is very well known in the United States for being a high-end luxury retailer. Lesser known is their famous prowess on the race tracks of the world. The BMW 3 Series is their flagship rally/race car and has stood the test of time. The 3 Series is among the finest small car offerings from BMW.

When you get behind the wheel of a new 3 Series, there are multiple features to be aware of. The first is the keyless entry system that can be synced up to your smartphone. This allows you to remote start and open the…

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Thinking About Buying Summer Tires?

You might also hear summer tires referred to as performance tires. The reason is that they are designed to perform well in less than optimal driving conditions, such as rain. If you live in an area that does not get extreme winter weather, then you should consider driving with summer tires all year long. They excel at gripping the pavement, especially in the rain.

If you live in an area that gets extremely hot during the summer, the material that summer tires are made of maintains the stiffness of the tires so that they do not give too much in…

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Getting the First-Class Experience in the BMW 7 Series

You do not need to fly first class to get that luxury experience because the BMW 7 Series delivers that opulence. There are multiple trims available, such as the 740i, 750i, 740e, m760i, and the Alpina B7. All vehicles come with a M-performance tune V12 turbocharged engine and many technological advancements complimenting your driving experience.

Enjoy a beautiful vista with a Panoramic Sky Lounge that dims the lighting to your discretion. Moreover, there is a lavish lounge with everything from the heated armrest to massaging seats and an entertainment system. 

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Belts and Hoses: Simple but Essential Car Maintenance

Your car or SUV is an excellent example of a modern engineering marvel. That doesn't mean that you should ignore the manufacturer-recommended service intervals for your vehicle. If you're like most drivers in the Santa Clara, CA area, your automotive knowledge may extend only to getting your oil changed every so often. However, there are other items that you'll need to inspect, repair, or replace from time to time, including your belts and hoses.

Bring your car to our BMW service facility so that we can inspect your belts and hoses. If may be time to replace…

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Is it Time to Replace Your Cabin and Engine Air Filters?

Your car's air filters serve a vital purpose: they keep harmful debris out of circulation from your cabin and engine. If you don't keep up with the recommended car maintenance schedule for your make/model, you could start to notice changes in your car's performance and comfort. Let the Stevens Creek BMW team help you replace your cabin and engine air filters, as needed.

You deserve clean air to breathe, as does your vehicle. Your filters catch dust, debris, mold spores, pollen, and more so that you can breathe easier. 

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Pay Attention to Your Exhaust System

There are many maintenance issues that can arise and present a danger to health as well as vehicle operation. One such issue occurs when there is a breakdown in the exhaust system resulting in a leak. There are signs, however, that can clue you to the presence of an exhaust leak.

One sign to look for is the sound of hissing and popping when the car is in operation. 

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Reasons Why You May Notice Your Tire Pressure Icon Light

If you are having an issue with your tire pressure light becoming illuminated over and over and you know the issue isn't actually the pressure in the tire, there are some other things that might be the culprit.

Santa Clara is a place that can have a change of temperature quite suddenly during certain parts of the year. When that temperature changes quickly, it can read as though the tire is losing pressure. 

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