Many of us may not even realize it, but technically we are required by law to move over when passing an incident on the shoulder of the highway. All 50 states have implemented a law like this in one form or another, and they are referred to as "move over laws." These laws are designed with safety in mind and they cover all forms of response vehicles, including law enforcement, paramedics, tow truck drivers, and fire department.

Basically, if you see flashing lights up ahead, you will want to try to move over to the next lane. We have all been in this situation, though. And often times an incident on the side of the road that involves any sort of flashing lights on top of the response vehicle can create quite a traffic jam. Here at Stevens Creek BMW right here in Santa Clara, CA, we would never advise anyone to do anything that results in a dangerous situation. If you feel that it is not safe to change lanes at the time, don't force it. Slow down and carefully pass by safely. Safe travels!

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