One of the key factors to driving safely is having adequate visibility. Knowing this, BMW engineers have developed sophisticated technologies that enable drivers like you to see better—not just in terms of what lies ahead but around you as well. We selected three features that will support you in this respect.

Adaptive LED Headlights — Having clear illumination makes it easier to travel through low visibility conditions. Select BMW models come with Adaptive LED Headlights for this reason. Working with a Selective Beam feature, it can even control the projection of light automatically.

Surround View Camera System — Obstacles on the road are all around you. That is why it is helpful to have tools like a Surround View Camera System. It provides a 360-degree look of your surroundings! This will ultimately make it easier to park in any fashion because blind spots will no longer pose a challenge.

Night Vision — Sometimes, there are things that lay hidden in the dark. That is why having a Night Vision camera that can detect pedestrians and animals 900 feet away comes in handy. With the knowledge of what lies in your path, you are better equipped to mitigate an unnecessary collision.

Sophisticated technologies like the three mentioned above are the reasons why drivers in Santa Clara, California, choose the BMW brand. Now it is your turn to do the same. Give yourself a more luxurious driving experience and visit us at Stevens Creek BMW to purchase or lease your model today.
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