It is almost the end of your car lease, and you are wondering about what to do next. Stevens Creek BMW offers you an early reminder prior the end of the contract to give you information on the available options for you which include the following:

  • Buy the vehicle. We usually offer the buying option at the end of the lease so that you can purchase a car you’ve grown accustomed to over the previous contract. If you like the performance and other features of the vehicle, you are at liberty to buy it.
  • Extend the lease. You can make additional payments to renew the contract.
  • Return the vehicle. You just drop off the car at Stevens Creek BMW and walk away. Simple!
  • Trade in the vehicle. You can trade in your leased car for a new purchase or new lease.

It is quite significant to examine your financial situation to make an informed decision beforehand regarding your end-lease options. We at Stevens Creek BMW are always ready to help you make the right choice.

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