Windshield wiper fluid is an important component in all vehicles. The fluid is held in a reservoir waiting to be needed. There is a fluid pump that forces the specific liquid onto the windows just when you need it the most.

Don't forget to refill the reservoir with the specially-made cleaner, rather than typical tap water. The specially manufactured windshield cleaning fluid not only is formulated to clean up the windows, but also lubricates the pump and reservoir. The internal pump needs to maintained just like the windows and wiper blades. If the reservoir accidentally runs dry, try not to run the fluid pumps. This could possibly harm the pump, operating it dry.

Using tap water in the pump will cause extra wear and tear on it. There are sensitive rubber lines that may crack inside the system. It is best to use windshield wiper fluid. Stevens Creek BMW reminds you to make sure you have plenty of wiper fluid for safe travels and a clean windshield.

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