Your car or SUV is an excellent example of a modern engineering marvel. That doesn't mean that you should ignore the manufacturer-recommended service intervals for your vehicle. If you're like most drivers in the Santa Clara, CA area, your automotive knowledge may extend only to getting your oil changed every so often. However, there are other items that you'll need to inspect, repair, or replace from time to time, including your belts and hoses.

Bring your car to our BMW service facility soon so that we can inspect your belts and hoses. If may be time to replace them before they cause you trouble on the road. Your hoses help carry pressure and fluids fro one part of the engine to another, while your belts help keep power moving. As such, they are vital to your car's performance.

Unlike many of the other parts of your engine, your belts and hoses are typically made of rubber or synthetic materials, and they can wear down over time. When they do, you can experience trouble on the roads. Get to our dealership for an inspection today!

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