The BMW 5 Series is a natural fit in the executive lifestyle, thanks to its incredible class, high performance, and extreme luxury.

Always an innovator, BMW has taken the sport performance of the 5 to the future with the BMW 530e hybrid luxury performance sedan.

The 530e offers you all the luxuries, comforts, class, and performance of the BMW 5 Series with an eco-friendly electric powertrain. The 530e iPerformance is powered by a turbo I4 engine paired to a 111-horsepower electric motor. The two powerplants come together to produce 248 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque.

This precision powertrain pairing can take you and your 530e from zero to sixty in six seconds flat, then hit a top speed of 130 mph. Though fuel-efficient and hybrid-electric, there's no doubt that this hybrid sedan is a truly capable BMW performance vehicle.

You can visit your BMW dealership in the Bay Area to experience the innovative BMW 530e from the driver's seat.

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