With a steep rise in electric-powered vehicles in recent years, it was time for BMW to join the fray in a serious way. And with the new BMW X3 Plug-in Hybrid, you’ll experience the next generation of BMW technology. Find out more at your Bay Area BMW dealership today!

How is a Plug-in Hybrid Different?

With a traditional hybrid drive system, both the electric and combustion engine are tied together so they are both providing power at all times. While this is great for helping fuel economy, it doesn’t offer the flexibility most drivers need in an SUV. That’s where the plug-in hybrid concept comes into play. In this scenario, the motors run parallel to each other, and one can be shut off while the other continues pushing forward. This means you can run on all-electric power and not spend a drop of fuel in the city. Alternatively, you can run both motors together to maximize performance and highway fuel economy. The choice truly is yours.

The Hybrid X3

The upcoming hybrid model of the BMW X3 won’t look all that different from it’s current siblings. You’ll still have the classic kidney grille and dual-halo headlights that mark the BMW brand. Inside, you’ll have premium upholstery options, features such as automatic climate control, massaging seats, and built-in navigation to help you find your way.

The only noticeable difference apart from your fuel budget will be the instrument cluster, which is fully digital and features a hybrid monitor gauge. This will let you know whether you’re charging or depleting the battery that powers your electric motor, as well as how much range you have left. Not only does this give you insight into your driving habits, but it can help you manage the all-electric power for maximum fuel savings.

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